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Item Number: 040-00157
The Olympic opal mining area south west of Coober Pedy produced amazing opal gems with the finest, credited to be the best opal in the world exhibiting glowing, vivid play of color display.  It is hard to imagine opal that could rival the exotic Australian black opal varieties found in Lightning Ridge and the opal fields of Queensland but Olympic crystal opal does exactly that.  It is a material so pure that it simply glows in spectral colors with innocents and purity captured in its pure colorless light background of near crystal transparency.  Output from the Olympic opal field has been non existent for many decades so finding a gem specimen in today’s market is extremely rare and the Olympic crystal opal in this ring is precisely, that extremely rare find.  This 2.2 carat 11 by 9mm Olympic opal is set classically, surrounded by small diamonds in a beautifully hand made, 18 karat white and yellow gold ring.