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Alexandrite Ring

Price: Call for Pricing
Item Number: 200-01892
Alexandrite gems from Hemitita Brazil are known for their dramatic color change, the phenomena alexandrite does better than any other gem.  Changing from blue/green in florescent light (daylight) to a ruby red in incandescent light, (light bulb or candlelight).  Other than the finest gems from Russia, Hemitita Alexandrite stands out from sources elsewhere because, like the gem in this ring, they can display true 100% color change with both colors being rich with saturation and luster, (the text book example of color change phenomena).  Currently there is no known production of alexandrite from Hemitita and there hasn’t been any production in Russia for decades making gems as the one in this ring, stuff of legends.  The Ring: 1.63 carat Hemitita Alexandrite flanked by coat of arms shaped brilliant diamonds set in Platinum.  See GIA Laboratory Report here